April 2016

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What stands behind medical errors

Among the objective reasons for frequent medical errors we can mention the constant improvements and innovations in the healthcare area, the rapid changes in treatment principles and approaches, changes in the interpretation of the etiology and pathogenesis, as well as excessive amount of fresh information and introduction of brand-new, sophisticated technologies.

doctor medical errorThe objective reasons for medical negligence are oftentimes represented by the lack of adequate or normal conditions and efficient organisation of work for conducting tests and treatment of patients. Most of objective reasons are usually easy to identify and warn in a timely manner. According to various stats aggregating info on medical negligence solicitors success cases, that’s the most simple cases from legal prospects.
In the list of objective reasons we should also include random circumstances that lead to harm made by doctor to the patient, the type of harm that could not have been foreseen and prevented. Along with the legal professional right and extremely important right given to a doctor when assigning the title to perform their professional duties independently, the doctor has the right as a continuation of this important life-long duty to continuously improve professional skills.

However, in recent decades, medical rights are constantly violated, due to the strengthening of the regulations of medical practice; administrative bodies that restrict or allow to have an independent doctor’s opinion about the treatment of the patient, requiring the assignation of non-optimal pharmaceutical treatment to the patient for various reasons. (more…)