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Legal services consumer behaviour: plunging in the numbers

According to the recent study an overwhelming majority of legal services consumers cover legal expenses on their own. YouGov, a prominent statistics agency, has recently published a comprehensive review of the state of affairs around legal services consumption in the UK. According to stats, 61% of respondents from various corners of the United Kingdom has covered legal services out of pocket in 2011, and 4 years later in the year 2015 this number has increased up to 64%. The fact should be underlined that just 5% has used legal aid to cover their expenses and the number remain unchanged until 2015 as well. 6% of respondents used their insurance to pay for legal assistance, while no win no fee arrangements accounted for as little as 4% in 2012 and 5% in 2015.

Legal consumer behaviourAccording to the report, the better part of respondents has paid over 1000 pounds for a single legal service – 20%, the second largest group as for expenditures comprised 15% of respondents (they spent from 500 to 1000 pounds for the service). Getting a legal service at a cost not exceeding 50 pounds has been reported in just 3% of cases. The median as for the cost has risen from 400 pounds in 2012 to 1755 pounds in 2015. As for the total amounts spent per service, a better part of the respondents didn’t spend more than 500 pounds. The calculations of the total cost where displayed as a fixed fee when a customer received the bill in 46 percent of cases in 2015; an hourly rate, percentage battery and the combination of the above were reported in it in 8, 4 and 10% accordingly. (more…)