Considering clinical negligence as a general phenomenon and a law practice case

MalpracticeWhen considering medical malpractice phenomenon, it is worth noting that not every medical error is automatically classified as a medical malpractice; and each medical error case is assessed separately against the background of its circumstances. Therefore, to make the most of your efforts, contacting an attorney who specialises in medical malpractice is essential: the specialist can evaluate your case, the possibility of filing a lawsuit and its profitability as filing a complaint requires significant cash expenditures. We have accumulated competent info on medical negligence area provided by hundreds of medical negligence solicitors to share an expert look into the matter with you.

There is no single answer to the question of what medical malpractice is. Typically, medical negligence includes provision of some medical assistance (including examinations, operations, prescriptions, etc.) to the patient by any medical authority (doctor, hospital, clinic, etc.) that goes beyond the generally accepted medical standards and which subsequently leads to bodily or mental injury.

What requirement puts the law before the victims of medical negligence in a lawsuit to receive monetary compensation? Civil Liability Act requires the plaintiff to prove the fact of receiving medical care going beyond conventional medical standards that resulted in bodily or mental injury and a causal link between medical care and trauma.

When filing a lawsuit by the plaintiff it is required to provide the court-medical examination by a specialist in the relevant area confirming the fact of negligence case (negligence, damage and a causal connection between them).

As for the areas sued upon medical malpractice: they are quite many. Below we list the medical fields with a high percentage of claims for medical malpractice:

Medical negligence in the field of obstetrics and gynecology

In this area, unfortunately, the facts of medical malpractice are rampant. Facts inadequate prenatal care, including the concealment of important information from the pregnant woman (for example the ability to pass tests to detect genetic abnormalities, etc.) and the possibility of termination of pregnancy in certain cases, may lead to the birth of babies with serious illnesses and disabilities. Also, there are cases of improper surveillance that may lead to the death of the baby or the mother.

Medical negligence in the field of surgery

Many surgical procedures have serious health consequences. Therefore, if you undergone a surgery that caused you an injury (physical or mental), you should check whether this operation had been carried out within the framework of generally accepted medical standards.

Medical negligence in the field of eye surgery

In this area, the medical negligence occurs if you had surgery despite the fact that according to medical criteria it is contraindicated in you and, so the injury was caused as a result of something that should not have been done.

Medical negligence in the field of dentistry


Claims upon medical malpractice in dentistry occur in cases of improper dental treatment which resulted in the need for repeated or additional treatment; such cases may also include inappropriate treatment inflicted injury.

Medical negligence in case of delay in the diagnosis of disease

We are often facing the fact of delay in the diagnosis of the disease, a fact that leads to unnecessary medical procedures (including surgery) and in extreme cases, even lethal outcome.

If the doctor ignored, paid insufficient attention, did not check your complaint or didn’t take certain results into account, which led to the disease treatment that was not the case (e.g. chemotherapy or surgery), injuries or even lethal outcome – these all are the cases of clinical negligence.