Legal services consumer behaviour: plunging in the numbers

Legal consumer behaviourAccording to the recent study an overwhelming majority of legal services consumers cover legal expenses on their own. YouGov, a prominent statistics agency, has recently published a comprehensive review of the state of affairs around legal services consumption in the UK. According to stats, 61% of respondents from various corners of the United Kingdom has covered legal services out of pocket in 2011, and 4 years later in the year 2015 this number has increased up to 64%. The fact should be underlined that just 5% has used legal aid to cover their expenses and the number remain unchanged until 2015 as well. 6% of respondents used their insurance to pay for legal assistance, while no win no fee arrangements accounted for as little as 4% in 2012 and 5% in 2015.

According to the report, the better part of respondents has paid over 1000 pounds for a single legal service – 20%, the second largest group as for expenditures comprised 15% of respondents (they spent from 500 to 1000 pounds for the service). Getting a legal service at a cost not exceeding 50 pounds has been reported in just 3% of cases. The median as for the cost has risen from 400 pounds in 2012 to 1755 pounds in 2015. As for the total amounts spent per service, a better part of the respondents didn’t spend more than 500 pounds. The calculations of the total cost where displayed as a fixed fee when a customer received the bill in 46 percent of cases in 2015; an hourly rate, percentage battery and the combination of the above were reported in it in 8, 4 and 10% accordingly.

As for the scope of choice, the majority has agreed that they had a fair amount of choice (38%), another 27% admitted the scope of choice was extremely extensive, and only 12% said that they had difficulties with finding an appropriate service. The methods of getting in touch with legal providers is another interesting topic: surprisingly, a better part of respondents contacted the legal services provider they have been dealing with in the past (25%), while 14% has made a choice in favor of this or that provider basing on the recommendation from a family or a friend. Weirdly, only 4% have chosen the service  because they saw an advertisement. A slight decrease in advertising campaigns of a broad scope has been by several large UK legal services aggregators, pointing out that motorist law and medical negligence solicitors are shifting to winning customers through narrowly targeted campaigns, increased value for the end customers and diligent attitude towards their job to accelerate word of mouth channel.

solicitors UK25% of respondents were totally satisfied with the quality of services they were provided, and another 35% agreed that the amount paid for the services was good value for money. 25% of respondents admitted that the services they’ve paid for we’re neither good nor poor value for money. In projection on the recent years all these indicators remained virtually unchanged since 2011 – only minor fluctuations ranging from 1 to 4% were observed. 33% of survey participants said the pricing factor was very important for them when making a choice and 36% characterised the importance of price factor as ‘fairly important’.